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The current stable version is 7.14.0 but it will fail to compile in new C++ compilers or recent Linux environment. If it is the case, try development version.

The current development version is 7.15.0. There is still one issue about Unicode directory names to be resolved before a stable version based on this one will be made.

Both stable and development versions require either egcs or gcc-2.8.x or later to build. For those who don't have a decent compiler, you will have to use version 4.7.13 instead.

This program also requires zlib and ncurses. Your can download zlib from here and ncurses from here . The recommended version of ncurses is 4.1 or better. Screen is not properly updated when used with earlier versions of ncurses.

Here are documentations and program available for downloaded. Documentations are also included in the .tar.gz file.

Current Versions

kcd-7.14.0 (Current stable version)

 - Program summary (lsm file)    - README
 - Changes from earlier versions of kcd    - Download kcd-7.14.0.tar.gz [kcd-7.14.0.tar.gz]
 - Download kcd-7.14.0-1.src.rpm [kcd-7.14.0-1.src.rpm]  

kcd-7.15.0 (Current development version)

 - Program summary (lsm file)    - README
 - Changes from earlier versions of kcd    - Download kcd-7.15.0.tar.gz [kcd-7.15.0.tar.gz]

Other Download Sites


Port for FreeBSD is available.

Previous Releases

You obtain all release of kcd beginning from version 4.13.0 and all release older than 4.7.9 at project filelist page.

Stable versions of the older branches are:

 - kcd-4.7.13 (Very old version that doesn't require a recent C++ compiler)
 - kcd-4.11.2
 - kcd-5.0.3
 - kcd-6.0.0
 - kcd-6.4.2
 - kcd-7.0.0


Online CVS repository is currently unavailable. CVS root in gzipped tarball is made available here from time to time. Snapshots since ChangeLog record should be used. Earlier snapshots require shell/Perl scripts not in the CVS. You may need to create a symlink aclocal to point to acinclude.m4 in some old versions of kcd. (last CVS upload February 28, 2005).

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