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Change Log

Changes in version 7.14.0 from 7.13.1

 - No change.

Changes in version 7.13.1 from 7.13.0

 - Fix various configure problems and compilation warnings in newer versions of other software.

Changes in version 7.13.0 from 7.11.0

 - Fix compilation problem with GCC 4.1 and RPM 4.4. (patch by Andreas Bernauer)
 - Support mounted directory via MountDir and ClearMountDir configuration commands. Specified directories are scanned when kcd is ran instead of using pre-scanned data. Option -M is introduced to disable on-demand scanning.
 - New ShowNewDir configuration to force newly changed directory to be always displayed instead of requiring multiple matching directories.
 - Improved symbolic link handling in SkipDir.
 - Options -t and -tr accept relative path.

Changes in version 7.6.2 from 7.6.1

 - Fix compilation problem with GCC 4.1 and RPM 4.4. (patch by Andreas Bernauer)

Changes in version 7.11.0 from 7.9.0

 - Special symbols / and // are accepted as part of search string. This works in command line, find mode, and as argument to -b option.
 - xxx/yyy means finding directory name containing yyy where its immediate parent directory also contains xxx.
 - xxx//yyy means finding directory name containing yyy where any of its upper levels parent directory also contains xxx.
 - Add option --profiles to display available configuration profiles.

Changes in version 7.9.0 from 7.7.0

 - Mouse double click and triple click now treated as multiple single clicks.
 - Repeat mouse scrolling when holded.
 - New configuration command: MouseScrollRate.
 - Support key binding in editbox in Find mode (experimental).
 - Typing any alphanumeric (A-Z, a-z, 0-9) key in emacs key binding mode also start forward searching.

Changes in version 7.7.0 from 7.6.1

 - GlobPath and GlobDot can be specified at the end of SkipDircommand.
 - Regular expression supported using r"..." syntax in SkipDir, ClearStartDir, ClearSkipDir.
 - Generate message during packaging time instead of build time.

Changes in version 7.6.1 from 7.6.0

 - Fix Makefile problem on system without msgfmt.

Changes in version 7.6.0 from 7.5.0

 - Fix fnmatch compilation problem found in some systems with Apache installed.
 - Reorganization of README documentation.

Changes in version 7.5.0 from 7.3.0

 - Due to changes in internal handling of command line, -p option, if used, must be the first option in the command line.
 - Add option -tr that rescan before partial tree display.
 - -t and -tr now works even when the desired tree is not in the saved directory tree file.
 - Add DefaultTree configuration command.

Changes in version 7.3.0 from 7.1.0

 - Add support to specify a particular matched directory using number.

Changes in version 7.1.0 from 7.0.0

 - -t option for partial tree display is added.
 - When symlink points to outside tree, target directory is used as jump destination instead of the symlink.

Changes in version 7.0.0 from 6.13.0

 - Minor tweak in error message when bookmarked directory is not found.

Changes in version 6.13.0 from 6.11.0

 - Fix a bug when bookmark file is not found.
 - Fix Ctrl-C processing bug in find mode.
 - Fix mouse handling bug in configure script.
 - Accept mouse release and triple-click events.
 - -bx option is removed.
 - kcd-inst works when user information is not in passwd file.
 - kcd-inst now detects ksh.

Changes in version 6.11.0 from 6.9.0

 - Fuzzy directory searching (Contributed by Robert Sandilands).
 - Fix directory display bug when directory contains control characters.
 - Improve handling of symbolic links that point outside saved tree.
 - Add vi and emacs key binding mode.
 - Fix handling of escape sequences in StartDir and SkipDir configuration.
 - New configuration commands: FuzzySize, KeyBinding.
 - Terminal processing of Ctrl-S/Ctrl-Q as stop/continue key is turned off.

Changes in version 6.4.2 from 6.4.1

 - Fix directory display bug when directory contains control characters.
 - Display new directory in case of multiple match.

Changes in version 6.9.0 from 6.7.1

 - Fix bookmark matching.
 - Prevent adding duplicate directory in bookmark.
 - Display new directory in case of multiple match.
 - The option -bx now issue a warning about deprecation since now the bookmark information is stored in ~/.kcd.bookmark.*. It will be removed in the next kcd release.

Changes in version 6.7.1 from 6.7.0

 - Fix a segmentation fault during directory display.
 - Fix a bug in configure script where stream I/O for string class is not properly detected.

Changes in version 6.7.0 from 6.5.3

 - Bookmark information is completely removed from directory tree file. Now kcd relies on ~/.kcd.bookmark.* for bookmark information. So there is no longer loss of bookmarks problem. Bookmark feature also works faster now.
 - Fix a bug in configure script where the mouse support status is not properly displayed.
 - Support GCC 3.3.

Changes in version 6.5.3 from 6.5.2

 - Fix directory jump bug when the current directory also matches the search string.

Changes in version 6.5.2 from 6.5.1

 - Add -bx option.
 - Fix bookmark issues.

Changes in version 6.5.1 from 6.5.0

 - Improve kcd-inst script to update KCD_INIT variable.

Changes in version 6.4.1 from 6.4.0

 - Improve kcd-inst script to update KCD_INIT variable.

Changes in version 6.5.0 from 6.4.0

 - Add bookmark feature. Saved directory tree file format is slightly changed to accommodate this feature.

Changes in version 6.4.0 from 6.3.0

 - Fix a directory file reading/writing bug introduced in 6.3.0.

Changes in version 6.3.0 from 6.1.1

 - Add configuration profile.

Changes in version 6.1.1 from 6.1.0

 - Fix new exception specification portability issues.
 - Fix autoconf 2.53 test problems.

Changes in version 6.1.0 from 6.0.0

 - Update to autoconf 2.53.
 - Update to gettext 0.11.3.
 - Fix default function argument related compilation problems.

Changes in version 6.0.0 from 5.13.0

 - Improved ncurses bool work-around logic.
 - Various portability fixes.

Changes in version 5.13.0 from 5.11.0

 - Fix + display bug.
 - Implement combining character input in Find mode.
 - --disable-mouse option added to configure.
 - Display ^F status.
 - Fix i18n message generation bug.
 - Fix portability problems on Solaris 8.

Changes in version 5.11.0 from 5.9.0

 - Fix symlink jumping bug.
 - Fix page down bug on some systems.
 - Improve scanning speed on system supporting d_type.
 - Improve highlight moving logic.
 - Rewrite Unicode support to work with combining characters (require development version of ncurses 5.2).

Changes in version 5.9.0 from 5.7.0

 - Shell startup files are no longer modified during make install.
 - User-specific installation mode removed. Set --prefix option during configure to inside your home directory instead.
 - Improved display speed.
 - Workaround strftime configure problem on Solaris 8.
 - Fix a few portability problems.
 - Fix blinking problem in status bar.

Changes in version 5.7.2 from 5.7.1

 - Fix a portability problem.

Changes in version 5.7.1 from 5.7.0

 - Workaround configure problem on Solaris.
 - Fix a compilation problem.

Changes in version 5.7.0 from 5.5.1

 - Experimental FHS support.
 - Experimental kcd-inst program to add kcd command to shell startup files.
 - Support GCC 3.0.
 - Various changes from FreeBSD port: Reading configuration file from SYSCONFDIR and <malloc.h> portability changes.
 - Reorganized INSTALL documentation.

Changes in version 5.0.3 from 5.0.2

 - Support GCC 3.0. (The NEWS file included in the package contains wrong information.)

Changes in version 5.5.1 from 5.5.0

 - Fix control key processing in Find edit box.

Changes in version 5.5.0 from 5.3.3

 - Bad StartDir, SkipDir commands no longer terminate kcd via internal error message.
 - UTF-8 support status in --features now reports compile time status.
 - Various code reorganization.

Changes in version 5.3.3 from 5.3.2

 - Various RPM spec file enhancements from Max Heijndijk.
 - RPM, SRPM now contain locale support.

Changes in version 5.3.2 from 5.3.1

 - Bug fix - locating locale directory.

Changes in version 5.3.1 from 5.3.0

 - Bug fix - en_GB.po message file was incorrectly named.

Changes in version 5.3.0 from 5.1.3

 - Option --enable-wide-chars and --with-included-gettext really work now.
 - Smart scan now works properly when StartDir in the configuration changes.
 - Security checks support for sudo, suid uses.
 - Some code reorganization.
 - Bug fix - information in directory list screen is not displayed.
 - Bug fix - junk characters may appear before the first directory in the directory tree window.
 - Bug fix - some 5 bytes multibyte sequence is not correctly decoded.

Changes in version 5.1.3 from 5.1.2

 - Update for autodep 1.1.3.
 - Rename configure option --enable-wide-char to --enable-wide-chars to match xterm.
 - Can build on system without msgfmt.

Changes in version 5.1.2 from 5.1.1

 - Update to CVS version of autoconf (autoconf 2.49a) to fix configure problem with newer GCC snapshots.

Changes in version 5.1.1 from 5.1.0

 - Fix problems with --with-included-gettext.

Changes in version 5.1.0 from 5.0.0

 - Fix a bug that causes infinite loop.
 - Check environment locale.
 - Speedup command of the form kcd dir where the number of directories that matches dir is no more than ShowListThreshold.
 - Add gettext infrastructure.
 - Add Unicode infrastructure.
 - Correct problem with control characters.

Changes in version 5.0.2 from 5.0.1

 - Fix insert/overtype status update.
 - Display control character as ? on the screen.

Changes in version 5.0.1 from 5.0.0

 - Fix a bug that causes infinite loop.

Changes in version 5.0.0 from 4.18.0

 - Changes of variable type to work with 64-bit CPUs.
 - Flag -W is used to compile under GCC.
 - Multiple -rp options allowed.
 - Add more malloc test. Program default is no test performed unless --enable-debug-memory is given to configure.
 - Fix directory name lookup of the form ~user.

Changes in version 4.7.13 from 4.7.11

 - Works on IA-64 platform.
 - Updated email and home page address in documentation.

Changes in version 4.18.0 from 4.17.4

 - Update timestamp when the directory previously skipped is no longer in SkipDir.
 - Fix various memory leak.
 - Fix directory tree header check.
 - Abort when flags in the directory tree are invalid.
 - More errors are reported during directory scanning.
 - Add --enable/disable-debug-memory to turn on/off memory checks to configure script.

Changes in version 4.17.4 from 4.17.3

 - Weaken malloc test to work around GCC stack unwinding bug.

Changes in version 4.17.3 from 4.17.2

 - Fix new directories test logic in smart scan.

Changes in version 4.17.2 from 4.17.1

 - Always dump core in the directory kcd was invoked.
 - Fix errors in BUGREPORT.

Changes in version 4.17.1 from 4.17.0

 - Detect malloc errors. May not compile on some OS.

Changes in version 4.17.0 from 4.16.1

 - Color settings can accept default background color.
 - DefaultBackground configuration command added.
 - More documentation in SGML format.
 - Detect certain errors that cause kcd to allocate too much memory.

Changes in version 4.16.1 from 4.16.0

 - Work with zlib older than 1.0.6 (bug introduced in 4.16.0).
 - Bug fix in configure check for ncurses bool size.
 - Use $HOME environment variable if home directory lookup using passwd entry fails.

Changes in version 4.16.0 from 4.15.1

 - Fix window resize bug introduced in 4.15.1.
 - Add configuration commands for screen attribute settings.

Changes in version 4.15.1 from 4.15.0

 - Fix a line drawing bug in directory tree mode.

Changes in version 4.15.0 from 4.14.0

 - Multiple rescanning options can be combined. For example, you can now write `kcd -rfq' instead of `kcd -rf -rq'.
 - New option -rp DIR for scanning part of directory tree beginning at DIR.
 - Configuration command QuietPartialScan is now documented.
 - Invalid command line new triggers error message instead of help.
 - Fix a bug that make QuietSmartScan status be ignored.

Changes in version 4.14.0 from 4.13.0

 - Code reorganization and decoupling. No user visible changes.

Changes in version 4.13.0 from 4.11.2

 - New --config option to view all option used by kcd.
 - New GlobDot and GlobPath configuration command.
 - SkipDir, ClearSkipDir, ClearStartDir now accept wildcards.
 - The old SkipDir syntax is now depreciated. Warning will be printed on the screen.
 - Also look for kcd.conf in /usr/local/etc and /usr/etc.
 - RPM spec file is now provided.
 - Email address and program home page are updated to the new SourceForge addresses.

Changes in version 4.11.2 from 4.11.1

 - Work-around for compilation with ncurses 4.2 that are not built to support C++ applications added.
 - A Y2K bug that can launch nuclear missiles is fixed (just kidding :)

Changes in version 4.11.1 from 4.11.0

 - A symbolic link bug has been fixed.
 - It can now be compiled with zlib 1.0.6 or newer.

Changes in version 4.11.0 from 4.7.9

 - Fix for Red Hat 5.2 compilation problem.
 - Update autoconf to 2.13.
 - Minor improvements in user interface.
 - Code reorganizations toward ISO C++.

Changes in version 4.7.11 from 4.7.10

 - It can now be compiled with zlib 1.0.6 or newer.
 - Fix some compiler warnings.

Changes in version 4.7.10 from 4.7.9

 - Fix for Red Hat 5.2 compilation problem.
 - Update autoconf to 2.13.

Changes in version 4.7.9 from 4.7.8

 - Installation fix for zsh users - /etc/zprofile or ~/.zprofile is modified to add kcd shell alias when login.
 - Scroll bars are on by default when built using ncurses 4.2.

Changes in version 4.7.8 from 4.7.7

 - Bug fix - changed symbolic links are now updated correctly during smart rescan (the default directory scanning mode).

Changes in version 4.7.7 from 4.7.6

 - Add ncurses mouse functions detection during configure.

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