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kcd is a directory change utility under Linux or any other Unix clones. It helps you navigate the directory tree. You can supply the desired directory name in the command line and let kcd find it for you or let kcd show the entire directory tree and use arrow keys to go to the destination directory.

Here is a list some features available in kcd:

 - Fast directory rescanning. All directory timestamp is saved so that certain directories are not rescanned if they are not modified.
 - When supply directory in command line and kcd find too many matches. kcd shows all of them and let you select using cursor keys.
 - You can tell kcd to skip some directory. You can also chose whether you want the whole directory tree, inside your home directory, etc. They can be set in kcd configuration file.
 - Supports bash, ash, pdksh, zsh and tcsh.
 - Multiple configuration profiles. You can introduce your own commands such as mycd, ccd with different directories to search besides the default kcd command.
 - Priority directory matching via bookmarks. These are searched and matched first before remaining directories.
 - Fuzzy directory searching (Contributed by Robert Sandilands). Used when normal searching does not produce any match.
 - Supports directory name containing UTF-8 Unicode encoding with combining characters.
 - Supports localization.
 - Multiple key binding modes: Default, vi, and emacs.
 - Partial directory tree display.
 - Display directory tree without saved data.

kcd is available as stable version and development version. You can distinguish development version from stable version by looking at its version number. Beginning from version 5.0.0, any version x.y.z where y is even is a stable version. Those where y is odd is a development version.

New features currently present in the latest stable version are:

 - Improvements to configuration file syntax, allowing regular expressions.
 - You can specified both target directory string and string to match its parent directory.

kcd is distributed in source form under General Public License (GPL).

The program and this web page is maintained by Kriang Lerdsuwanakij (lerdsuwa@users.sourceforge.net)

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